About Testmaster

Welcome to the testmaster homepage.

Testmaster is a testcase logging, reporting and test automation tool, much like the commercial product test director.
It was concieved while I was working in a testbed and was asked to perform testing by taking some printed sheets from a folder, marking off which tests I had executed and emailing my progress every day. Needless to say I didn't do that for long and testmaster was born.
It is quite difficult to explain all of testmasters functionallity, the main features are below, but you will get a better idea by looking at the screenshots here.

Features Include :

  • Fully web based
  • Hierarchal management of testsuites (Department, Project, Testsuite)
  • Hierarchal management of testsuite administration
  • Import of testcases from word documents, CSV files, manual entry or SQL
  • Copy of testsuites
  • Testcase logging (including state (pass/fail/hold etc., tester notes, trouble ticket ids and change history)
  • Full statistics for each testsuite (execution count, state counts, percentage complete)
  • Two types of Email reports
  • Full run log and change history for each testcase
  • Full testcase / testsuite search facility
  • Administrative interface
  • Written fully in perl
  • Customisable web templates
  • Test automation interface

Testmaster runs on Linux and utilises apache to serve webpages, postgresql as the database, antiword to convert M$ docs and perl as the development language.
DHTML menus uses the mygosuMenu project, please see http://gosu.pl/software/mygosumenu.html

Testmaster is written by Alan Pearson.

Testmaster is FREE software and is covered by the General Public License Version 2.0, a copy of which is to be found in /apps/testmaster/documentation.